General Questions

- Through first-person POV experiences, Amaze brings you engaging and entertaining content, centering the storyline around you: survive the zombie apocalypse, become a baby sea lion, or dance on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Committed to premium VR experiences, all Amaze videos are shot with custom-rigged 3D 4K cameras to deliver the highest quality videos. And you can experience personally curated content based on your interests.

- Amaze is available on Gear VR, YouTube, Facebook, and Apple AppStore. It will be available on Google PlayStore soon. Check it out!

- Amaze delivers best in market VR technology with 3D 4K videos. These video files are pretty big, but anyone who’s experienced our videos can say it’s definitely worth it.

- VR headsets are devices you can wear over your eyes like a pair of goggles. With your VR headset, you can enjoy immersive experiences through Amaze that track the movements of your head, transporting you to another three dimensional world.

Using Amaze

- As our 3D 4K video files are pretty big, it takes time to load. We recommend connecting to WiFi and downloading the video first. If you still want to stream, ensure you’re connected to high speed internet.

- If you’re streaming the video, try downloading it first. That, or wait until you have faster WiFi to stream.

- Try removing downloaded video after viewing using steps above. That, or you can stream using high speed WiFi.

- Oh no! Please restart your smartphone and try again.

- Your phone may not have enough storage. Also, try closing out all open apps on your smartphone!


If you have other questions, please contact us here