Amaze Headset Tutorial

- DSCVR cardboard -


To fully enjoy the Amaze app, you need to see videos with a VR headset. We break down the steps for you to follow :) If you have a Google cardboard, click here.



Tutorial Summary for Busy Bee 🐝


1. Get your headset ready

2. Push and slide the metal hook

3. Press the release button

4. Make sure to fully extend the chassis

Group 21.png

Open Amaze app and play a video


5. Tap "YES" button and Rotate your phone to enter VR video

6. Place your phone onto the cardboard

7. Wrap the rubber flap and hook the metal plate back

8. Align your phone to see the guideline.

9. If you don't see the text clearly in VR,
tilt your phone's position to focus

10. Wear the headset and point the dot to start