Amaze Headset Tutorial

- Google Cardboard - 


To fully enjoy the Amaze app, you need to see videos with a VR headset. We break down the steps for you to follow :) If you have a DSCVR cardboard ( plastic ), click here.


1. Get your headset ready

2. Flip the top.

3. Flip the eyeshade upward.

4. Attach the eyeshade on each side.

Group 21.png

Open Amaze app and play a video


5. Tap "YES" button and Rotate your phone to enter VR video

6. Place your phone onto the cardboard

7. Fold to attach the velcro on the top.

8. Now it's ready to watch.

9. Wear the cardboard

10. Press the button on the right-top
while aiming a blue dot to start